Heigh – ho heigh – ho its off to work i go …..

With a flask of coffee and a scarf wrapped tight .. heigh-ho heigh-ho heigh-ho-heigh-hoooo

Its a cold brisk morning and i am wearing so many layers i resemble the stay puft marshmallow man from the ghost busters, how i actually got in my car without using Vaseline i do not know. I am a summer bunny, winter is something I just survive through to get to the summer season, and here i am on my way down to a mud fest jungle ….

I have loaded my boot up with every garden utensil you could own, half i do not actually know what the use for them is, but the lady in homebase guaranteed i would need them ( i think she saw me coming ) .

Can you call it a garden utensil or is that just for kitchen utensils !? 🤔

I pull up to my land ( allotment plot ) but my land in my head … and i see the amount of work that lays ahead of me, I have brought my good friend with me to help with the task ahead, clearing of the grass and earth ready to plant.

I probably should have thought about my choice of friend at this point, because this friend believes any manual work that you need to do should be done by someone else, even if you have to pay them.

Well at least i have a brew maker anyway ( yes in my sale shop of garden equipment one of my purchases was a small barbecue and a kettle ) if im going to be working in this cold im going to need a brew … im pretty sure somewhere in the bible there is a rule about this …. I will check and get back to you on that one …

My land …….. now that is a sobering view

I dump all my tools down outside my shed , they can’t go in it at the moment as the shed needs some huge clearing . I will show you this in another post.

Anyway back to today .. I dump my tools down ready to start work. I have gone for the clear grass method of cutting it down low and removing the turf by cutting squares with my spade and rolling the turf to remove. A good amount of the cut grass will go in my compost heap which was left by the person who owned the plot before me.

Fantastic post down below on this method

Cutting turf made easy

My compost heap, and in the background my little greenhouse. This was actually a huge excitement for me when I realized I had one on my plot .. don’t ask me why it just was . Small things ay ….

I start cutting and realised some wonderful goodies under all this jungle .. thank god it wasn’t the lion I first thought I saw when I first surveyed my land, it was some beautiful wooden beds that had been placed by the previous owner.

The more I dig the more beds I begin to see … I now have the buzz back.

I’m excited and ready to come back and do some more work.. and who knows what I might find then ….

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One thought on “Heigh – ho heigh – ho its off to work i go …..

  1. That’s a nice plot you’ve got, and you’re doing a great job. It’s lovely when the kids get involved, so well done to your son. I am slightly envious that you’ve inherited a greenhouse with your plot and we haven’t 😉


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